Below are some of the common questions that you will encounter while playing My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

How to Use Seedlings:
Seedlings are obtained when you remove trees on the continents. Keep those seedlings and use them in Workshop once you have unlocked it. The workshop has a separate item production tab named “Decorations”.

Where is Wondermine:
Wondermine is unlocked once you reach level 9 to unlock the ice continent. You can send in Monsters to explore the mines at 2 hours a pop. You have a shot at receiving random items and free gems for doing the adventures. Your monsters will not get lost or damaged while exploring the Wondermine.

1 Element:
2 element: 80% Slime, 12% Gem
3 Element:
4 Element:

Vault Strategy
When the vault gets full and you cannot progress, before you delete some of the items that are relatively easy to make. You can do the following to continue your production.

1. Start any item productions with the items that you actually have on hand.
2. Give the monsters who are happy with the items you have, you can free some spaces while earning some coins.

Getting Free Diamonds
There are a few ways where you can get the free diamonds in Dawn of Fire.

1. Completing Goals
2. Adventure in Wondermine
3. Removing Trees